Midsummer Ritual & Picnic

Join us on Saturday, June 15th at 3pm, as we celebrate Midsummer and the Summer Solstice, followed by a picnic-style feast. Bring your energy and a spirit of fellowship into our community as we turn the wheel of the year once more!

If weather permits, we will be outdoors. We recommend that if you own any camp chairs, stadium chairs, backjack chairs, or any other sort of portable seating that you'd bring to a workshop or an outdoor event, bring those along if you think you'll be more comfortable when sitting on the ground.


After you RSVP, please choose from among the foods / drinks listed below, and message Marge with your choice. This way, we can make sure we have a diverse selection of things to eat and drink. Message Marge here.

We would like to see light, easy, pre-cooked, "portable" foods for this event: things people can eat while walking around and socializing! Choose from this list (or if you want to make or bring something special, please check with Marge):

already-cooked store bought rotisserie chicken
pizza or tomato pie
sliced hoagies (veggie, Italian, ham & cheese, turkey, etc. — we suggest that spreads like mayo / mustard be provided on the side)
sandwich wraps (variety — see hoagie list above)
cheese tray
veggie tray
fruit tray
potato salad
cole slaw
macaroni salad
tossed salad
deviled eggs
potato chips
tortilla chips and salsa
hummus and mini pitas
iced tea
sodas (regular and diet)
bottled water


  • This ritual will be outside, weather permitting.
  • Doors open at 2:30, and the ritual will begin promptly at 3pm. If you arrive and the ritual is already be in progress, please enter quietly and join us.
  • Ritual attire appropriate to the season is encouraged! If you need help or ideas about what to wear, reach out to us:info@hearthshome.com
  • Don't forget your $5 per person recommended donation to help cover costs of supplies, and the rental of the Meeting House. Hearth's Home depends on this small contribution — or whatever you can afford — to help keep us alive!
  • Directions & Parking

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