Imbolc: Midpoint between Winter & Spring

At Imbolc, there might be snow on the ground, but spring is only weeks away! The midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, Imbolc is the festival celebrating the impending spring, and new life burgeoning in the darkness. We gather to seek clarity in our inner vision, to remove clouds and confusion from our goals and wishes, so that spirit can guide our footsteps this year on the most direct path to happiness, fulfillment, and harmony.

This powerful shamanic ritual will draw on Celtic tradition, and the mysteries of the runes.

Doors open at 5:30, and the ritual will begin promptly at 6pm. If you arrive and the ritual is already be in progress, please enter quietly and join us. Sacred space will already be established before 6pm. Those who arrive early will have a chance to help us create this sacred space by calling in the quarters. If you arrive before 6pm and want to take part, you are welcome to enter the ritual room!

Children are welcome, however, please use your judgement in bringing the smallest ones: for this particular ritual, it is *very* important that we maintain a quiet space for the work, which will partly take place via a guided journey.

A community feast will follow the ritual; please bring food or drink to share. Something simple from the supermarket is fine, but if you like to cook or bake, there are many resources for seasonally-appropriate foods, including,, and many more via Google.

Ritual attire appropriate to the season is encouraged (but not required).

Don't forget your $5 per person recommended donation to help cover costs of supplies, and the rental of the Meeting House. Hearth's Home depends on this small contribution — or whatever you can afford — to help keep us alive! And if you'd rather leave your wallet or purse at home, you can donate to us securely at any time via our PayPal account:

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