Fall Classes

All classes are FREE, open to anyone, and take place at the Springfield Friends Meeting House (also known as the Peace Center of Delaware County), at 1001 Old Sproul Road, Springfield, PA. If you are a member and want to attend, please RSVP on our Meetup. If you are a not a member of our Meetup, you won't be able to RSVP there, so instead, please RSVP to info@hearthshome.com.

Cloakmaking Workshop
September 24, 7-9pm

Join us as we simply and inexpensively create the most basic item of ritual garb: a cloak! Rae Rowyn will guide you every step of the way with this no-sewing-needed project. The workshop is free, but you must bring 3 yards of fabric with you to create your cloak. You can find fabric at craft stores like Joann Fabric, at thrift shops, or by asking your Mom / aunt / cousin nicely to poke around in their sewing room closet!
Cost: The workshop is free, but you must bring three yards of fabric with you if you want to make a cloak

Shamanic Workshop: Finding Your Spirit Guide
October 22, 7-9pm

Shamanic teachers Amy Guskin & Paul Nordquist present another in their continuing series of shamanic journeying workshops. This time, we will seek out and connect with our personal spirit guides. You may already have a sense of the 'power animal' providing you with support and protection, but in this workshop, you will make a specific and definitive connection with this guiding spirit.
Cost: free

How to Build a Basic Ritual
November 12, 7-9pm

Join us for a two-hour workshop on the building blocks of a basic ritual. You will learn the most basic beats, and how to create and hold energy at each of them. We'll break down each section, and participants will get a chance to practice the parts.
Cost: free

Disposal of Sacred Objects
December 17, 7-9pm

Sometimes, a magical tool or ceremonial object is no longer the right tool for you. You don't use it anymore, but it feels wrong to just get rid of it, so it's still sitting around as magical clutter. Join Hearth's Home for a workshop that guides you through reclaiming any beneficial energies from the object, safely returning any leftover vibes to the earth, and releasing any personal attachment or energetic signature.
Cost: free