Hearth's Home response to COVID-19 / coronavirus

The Hearth's Home community is our friends and our family, and your health and safety is our first priority. Due to the unprecedented nature of this COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we are temporarily suspending all classes, rituals and celebrations until further notice. We encourage all of you to practice social distancing as much as possible, and our hope is that you all stay healthy!

We can still support one another virtually, on Facebook and Meetup, and we encourage everyone to stay in touch via those channels. We will notify the community of our plans as soon as we feel that it is safe to gather in a group again.

The Hearth's Home leadership circle

About Us

Hearth's Home Open Pagan Community is a vibrant, open, eclectic pagan circle that hosts family-friendly public seasonal celebrations in the Delaware Valley suburbs just west of Philadelphia. We also present workshops, classes, and moon rituals. Hearth's Home offers fellowship, community, opportunities for learning, and participation in rituals on the festival days of the Wheel of the Year. Anyone may come to our events, whether you are simply curious or an experienced celebrant. Children may attend with their parents. All are welcome!

Our celebrations are structured rituals followed by a feast. We ask that attendees bring food or drink to share with the group. There is a recommended donation of $5 per person to help cover expenses of supplies, and space. But even if you can't donate, we still want you to attend!

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Join Us on Meetup

If you use social media, join us on Meetup! You'll get emails whenever we schedule an event, plus an opportunity to RSVP, and participate in discussions. You'll also find suggestions of seasonal foods to bring, advice on ritual garb, a carpool board for members who need a ride, and more. The group is located at:


2019 Calendar of Events

For more info or to RSVP to any of these events, join our Meetup. If you aren't on social media but want to come to our events, send an email to Hearth's Home at info@hearthshome.com.

Mark your calendars! We'll have more information on these celebrations, as well as meeting and workshop dates, soon!

February 2, 2019: Imbolc

March 23, 2019: Ostara

May 4, 2019: Beltane

June 15, 2019: Midsummer / Litha

August 3, 2019: Lughnasadh / Lammas

September 21, 2019: Mabon

November 2, 2019: Samhain

December 21, 2019: Yule / Midwinter

Directions & Parking


Most of our events take place at the Springfield Friends Meeting House, in Springfield, PA, between Route 476 and Route 1. Use "Peace Center of Delaware County, Old Sproul Road, Springfield, PA" in Google Maps, or, for detailed directions coming from any point in the area, please visit: www.delcopeacecenter.org/directions.html


The Meeting House has a small parking lot, but it's important that all of our performers and people helping to create the ritual get spots there, as they often must transport large items for the event. Please therefore use the parking lot across the street, and walk over to the Meeting House. If you are transporting someone with a disability, you may of course drop them off at the Meeting House and help them inside (if necessary), and then drive across the street, park, and walk back over to the Meeting House.

Donate To Us

Help us to keep the lights on!

We know that our members sometimes arrive at a ritual without a purse or wallet, so to make it easier to help us pay our rent to the Springfield Meeting House, we have created a secure PayPal account. All you need to make a donation is a credit card; simply click the donation button below, and you'll be redirected to our account on PayPal's secure server, where you can donate any amount you wish.

Is my payment method secure?

This process is completely safe — PayPal has been around for nearly twenty years, and they are the most well-known name in online payments. PayPal is used by 179 million people worldwide, and they process more than 4 billion payments per year, all completely securely! Click the button below when you are ready to donate to Hearth's Home.

Contact Us

For more info, reach out to us at: info@hearthshome.com